Content Queen -  Smart Lens Wide & Macro + Smart Light

This bundle is the ultimate setup for capturing flawless group shots, day or night. The Smart Grip will give you the steady hand you need so you can focus your attention on your subjects, the 16mm wide angle lens is the easiest solution for getting each and every person in the frame, and the smart light will make sure that no one is left in the dark. Use them together or separately - each gadget holds a world of creative opportunities! Grab the grip and the light for evenly-lit portraits, the macro part of the lens with the light for extreme close-ups, the grip with the lens to capture quick images on the go and more – the options are endless.  

Pictar Smart Grip + Smart Lens Wide & Macro + Smart Light
Pictar Smart Grip with Lens Wide & Macro and Smart Light

Ergonomic slip-free grip

The comfortable grip prevents the phone from slipping out of your hand, significantly improves the sharpness of images and allows you to shoot with one hand (vertically or horizontally) and even take a picture with gloves. 

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Universal clip-on connector - suitable for any device

The lens’ universal clip-on mount allows the lens to connect to almost any smartphone, tablet and laptop on the market. The lens can be connected to both the front camera and the rear “selfie camera”. And the best part? You don’t even have to remove your phone’s cover! 

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A battery that will never let you down

Pictar Smart Light was designed for situations where a high-quality artificial light source is required. It comes with a mobile phone adapter (no need to remove the phone cover) and has a 2-hour battery that can be recharged using a micro-USB cable.  


Content Queen - Smart Lens Wide & Macro + Smart Light

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